Month: May 2009

Artificial Affectivity, Artificial Affectivities

Artificial affectivity is the emotional equivalent of artificial intelligence. It is the simulation, emulation, or functional replacement of human affect by software or hardware models. Not neccessarily or just the simulation of emotion, but the simulation of the effects and expression of emotion.In software the history of artificial intelligence has moved from rule based and…
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Magazine électronique du CIAC – CIAC’s Electronic Magazine

Magazine électronique du CIAC - CIAC's Electronic Magazine.The latest issue of CIAC's Electronic Magazine is now online.I have a review of "Invisible Influenced"by Will Pappenheimer and Chipp Jansen in it, and among the other articles are a review of an excellent new artwork by Michael Takeo Magruder and a feature on Surf Clubs.Take a look!
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Microblogging The Cybernetic Artwork Nobody Wrote

The Cybernetic Artwork Nobody Wrote is now microblogging descriptions of possible artworks on You can follow it by clicking here - if you are on Twitter, you can follow its forwarded posts by clicking here - can get the source code (which is a modified version of the original Cybernetic... Lisp version) here -
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