Month: January 2009

Aesthetic Insight – Blue (Image presumably (c) Google.)
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Good Things

The BBC are going to help digitize the UK's public art collection and make it available online. This will be brilliant as long as the executive in charge doesn't get bought by Microsoft or Adobe-'s microfacts is cool- History Commons is NonCommercial, which needs fixing, but otherwise cool- old Philip Greenspun illustration project for Wikipedia,…
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FLOSS+Art Release, Sources, and Offer

echo -n "sorry for ><,"while true; doecho -n " please >>"done--WHAT:What does Free and Open Source software (FLOSS) provide to artists anddesigners - beyond just free alternatives to established tools fromPhotoshop to Final Cut?"FLOSS+Art" is the first book to answer this question. It shows how thevalue of Free Software lies in its differences and creative…
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Pure Aesthetic

New work from 2007 - of salt cellars (and a pill bottle) with diamond dust. This developed from the ideas presented here - salt cellars are a reference to Duchamp and to cocaine. The diamond dust is a reference to Warhol and Hirst. In real life rather than on a screen print diamond dust is…
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Patrick McGoohan RIP

The actor Patrick McGoohan has died, he was 80 years old. He appeared in everything from "Ice Station Zebra" to "Braveheart" but he was best known for his 1960s TV series "The Prisoner", whichfollowed his starring role in the long-running spy drama "Danger Man". I would not hesitate to describe the best episodes of "The…
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20 Minutes

Over at Locus, Cory has a good article on how to write a novel a year despite the joys of the internet and looking after a baby.The point of my (abandoned) "agile art" series was to apply geek productivity techniques to some aspects of art production. And several of my recent projects have been structured…
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Leek And Potato

the new pure:dyne GNU/Linux leek&potato released!--*,--. *,---. --.,--.--.--.,---. --.,-' |--. ,--.--,--, ,---. *| .-. | || | .--' .-. :--' .-. |\ ' / \ .-. : *| '-' ' '' ' | --.--. `-' | \ ' | || | --. .| -' `----' --' `----'--'`---' -' / `--''--'`----'`--' `---' *.pure:dyne is an…
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Notes For Two Reviews

When I'm at an art show I'm going to review, or as soon as possible after leaving it, I take notes. These may be taken in low-light conditions, on the last train of the night, under the influence of complimentary alcohol, or in otherwise sub-optimal conditions. But they tend to have an immediacy that the…
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