Month: September 2008

Music I’m Currently Enjoying

Bela Emerson's cybernetic cello performances are excellent. New album out soon!Brad Sucks is mis-named. His college-radio-friendly Beck-ish rock wouldn't normally be my cup of tea but it's BY-SA and it grows on you.Amanda Palmer is, fortunately, not really dead because her debut solo album is great.And on the retro front I've been enjoying Tangerine Dream…
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Failed Transubstantiation

When I was at art school, two of my colleagues found a wall from ademolished building on some wasteland out of town that would have madean excellent canvas for a mural they were planning. But it was coveredin graffiti. Real graffiti by kids with spraycans, notdestined-for-publication graphic designer posturing. To make theirmural they would have…
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Art Fag City On Surf Clubs excellent Art Fag City blog comments on Marisa Olson's contribution to the "Surf Clubs" debate. AFC agrees with some of what Marisa says, then comments -I don't understand why reposting material without attribution on a blogshould take the work out of circulation, or remove a pre-existingnarrative/economy.  Sure they carry a different authority when postedby…
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AARON and Phosphenes Malotki's latest focus is on designs called phosphenes, which areas fundamental to art as time is to language. He said the same 15abstract geometric constants appear globally in art created as early as300,000 years ago. They are grids, zigzags and patterns of dots. Theyare the first objects drawn by children; we doodle them when…
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Black Swans and Scapegoats

As capitalism does another ideological reset the excuse du jour is that the credit crunch was a highly improbable event, a "black swan" (it's not just a bad song by Thom Yhork).If this is true then the people who sold unsustainable mortgages to get the commission on them then sold them on rather than take…
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GNU Is 25 Today

It's the twenty-first anniversary of the announcement of the GNU project today. GNU is a project to create a Free Software operating system, that is software for your computer that does not allow other people to restrict your freedom to use it.I'm writing this on a laptop running Fedora, which is a Free Software distribution…
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Repositories Of My Work

To help distribute and archive my work I've created repositories at Beanstalk and GitHub.I'm uploading my art projects to Beanstalk. The Beanstalk repository is a Subversion repository, accessible here - can find out about Subversion here.I've uploaded my code projects to GitHub. There's one Git repositor per project, accessible here - can find…
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Site Moved Again

A big thank you to Matt for hosting this site for the last few months.If anything on this blog or the site is broken do let me know.It should be easier to comment here now, you can comment anonymously again.
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Support ORG!

ORG, the Open RIghts Group, are the UK equivalent of the EFF (differences in law and political culture aside).They have been doing excellent work over the last couple of years; getting into government consultations, bringing issues to the attention of mainstream media, observing electronic voting, and giving Andy Orlowski something to wring AdWords revenue from.You…
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art_generators has been renamed "frame". It works as a noun and a slightly pretentious verb. I've registered a Rubyforge project and switched the build system to Hoe.Just a bit more testing then it will be time for a release.
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