Month: October 2007

links for 2007-10-24

BAM/PFA - BAM EXHIBITIONS"RIP.MIX.BURN.BAM.PFA celebrates the cultural and artistic practice of remix, inviting guest artists to “rip, mix, and burn” elements from two digital-media works in the museum's collection"(tags: free-culture art remix)
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links for 2007-10-22

The Music Industry Is Rocking! on PSFK"Now, Chris Anderson provides some handy stats that show that the music business is booming but says that the problem with the music labels is not that music is an industry in decline, but that they have a too-narrow view of what business they're in."(tags: music free-culture economics data)
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links for 2007-10-18

MTAA-RR [ news/twhid/what_chris_fahey_learned_in_art_school.html ]MTAA on Chris Fahey on what you learn in art school. You can't just turn up for the lectures when you are making art...(tags: mtaa art art-school)Viewer-Generated Art"Work that directly uses web portals such as Flickr, YouTube, and MySpace or virtual worlds, such as Second Life–along with projects that demonstrate similar principals…
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links for 2007-10-16

This Blog Sits at the: The Long Tail Strikes Back"The Long Tail a thoroughly partial book. As I read through a second time, I was struck by what is missing. "(tags: long-tail nice-try-but-no-cigar critique)
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Blogs, Quotes and CC

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Creative Commons licenced blog that quotes other sources is not placing them under a CC licence.It is also a fairly well known fact that most blog reader don't understand this any better than they understand any of the rest of copyright law.So I believe that blogs that…
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WordPress Page Help

I am trying to add some pages to this blog but they are not showing up.For example: there something I need to do to my blog or web server settings, could this be a plugin acting up, or is it likely that I've misconfigured something somewhere?Any help gratefully received.
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links for 2007-10-14

The spectre of free informationExcellent interview with Eben Moglen in which he discusses Free Software and how it relates to Free Culture, as well as how to pay artists under Free Culture.(tags: free-culture free-software notes-towards-free-culture eben-moglen)5 Ways to Grow the Commons - Creative CommonsHere are the 5 ways to help CC that I mentioned.(tags: creative-commons…
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links for 2007-10-13

Russia's culture minister bans photo of kissing policemen - Boing Boing"Russia's culture minister, Alexander Sokolov, announced that he is banning a Bansky-inspired photo of two kissing policemen, and 16 other works, from a Paris exhibition of contemporary Russian art."(tags: censorship russia art)
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links for 2007-10-12

Radiohead: 1.2 m downloads = $9.6m Cash on PSFK"According to analysis made by the Daily Swarm, Radiohead's In Rainbow has sold at the equivalent price of$8 a CD worldwide. In just three days it has sold 1.2 million downloads and made up to $9.6m."(tags: notes-towards-free-culture business-model music)
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The Red Krayola With Art & Language – Sighs Trapped By Liars

Art and Language wrote lyrics that The Red Krayola (nee Crayola) set to music for three albums in the 1970s and 1980s. After a gap of more than twenty years they have got together again a fourth time for "Sighs Trapped By Liars".The album has a summery psychedelic rock sound that is very contemporary in…
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