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links for 2007-01-28

ILLUSTRATION ART: ART AND COMPUTERS: THE UNIMPORTANCE OF AN "OBJECT""This all takes us back to digital art, which has an image but no physical existence. "(tags: digital-art criticism theory)EFF: DeepLinks"EFF published a paper advocating voluntary collective licensing for P2P, a system that would get artists paid and allow fans to keep sharing music however they…
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links for 2007-01-25

PSFK: Pret Gives It All Away For Free"Pret are going Pret DIY are giving away loads of recipes on their packaging, on bags, on postcards and on their website."(tags: openness yum) | Authorship as a Collective Endeavor"A related piece in the same issue of Harper's is “On the Rights of Molotov Man,” which traces the…
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links for 2007-01-23

My Project Du Jour: |"We do not believe that reasonable people would argue as to whether the website located at constitutes parody – it clearly is. Linden Lab is well known among its customers and in the general business community as a company(tags: satire fair-use ip-maximalism free-culture)Bill Clementson's Blog: Who is this…
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links for 2007-01-22

IRIS Magazine - a new approach to classics"iris is a new magazine, which aims to promote access to the Classicsin UK state schools, and to cultivate imaginative and innovativeresponses to all areas of the Classics."(tags: classics magazine)UnderworldLive| homeDownload new Underworld songs.(tags: underworld music)
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links for 2007-01-21

Boing Boing: LACMA's Magritte exhibit: This is not fair use"This is a riddle: does the Magritte exhibition celebrate fair use, or deny it? Does it want to inspire us to remix Magritte, or warn us off the idea of reproduction without permission?"(tags: fair-use free-culture magritte remixing)
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Artists Should Work

Laura Barton talks to the high priestess of punk, Patti Smith | By genre | Guardian Unlimited Books Smith is nothing if not a grafter. She prickles at the modern notion of rock as a glamorous vocation, of stars made overnight, of the MTV generation's iPodded consumerism. "You have to kick doors open yourself. When…
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links for 2007-01-20

Boing Boing: Sign forbids photography of lousy statue"The sign mounted on this hideous sculpture of a typewriter eraser scarring a Seattle neighborhood says, "Sorry, photography of this statue is not permitted.""(tags: ip-maximalism notes-towards-free-culture)
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MTAA-RR [ news/twhid/cory_doctorow_i_don_t_like_him.html ]

MTAA-RR [ news/twhid/cory_doctorow_i_don_t_like_him.html ]MTAA rather miss the point of Cory Doctorow and his comments on the Cloud Gate fiasco.Calling for an Anish Kapoor sculpture to be melted down for scrap is usually the sign of a healthy mind. Unless it's one of his powderier confections, obviously. Anyone who finds calling for the destruction of an…
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links for 2007-01-19

iCommons » Blog Archive » A Letter to the Commons"we find the paradox of a space that is called a commons and yet so fenced in, and in so many ways, somewhat intriguing."(tags: commons critique creative-commons)Seth's Blog: How to be Cory Doctorow"I sat next to Cory at a conference today. It was like playing basketball…
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