Month: July 2006

jPod – Douglas Coupland

I used to avoid anyone who'd read Generation X. I still haven't ready it myself. Microserfs was an amusing and insightful short story bloated into a pointless schmaltzfest.But BoingBoing plugged jPod so I bought a copy. And it's very good.jPod is uncomfortable and hilarious reading. Most critics seem to have missed the point of it.…
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Copyleft Concepts

ReificationReification is the mistake of concentrating on licences as an end in themselves. A licence is only useful as a practical means to the ideological ends of free culture. To forget this and to concentrate on licences as a subject fetishises the concretised form of an abstract set of relations, which is reification. Free culture's…
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Chordinator in Sourceforge

chordinator.lispAfter some struggles with Sourceforge, the source code for chordinator is now available.Here's a sample:(defmethod colour-generator (hue-fun saturation-fun brightness-fun)"Make a function to make a new instance of colour."(lambda ()(make-instance 'colour:hue (funcall hue-fun):saturation (funcall saturation-fun):brightness (funcall brightness-fun))))(defmethod random-colour-generator (&key (min-hue 0.0) (max-hue 1.0)(min-saturation 0.0) (max-saturation 1.0)(min-brightness 0.0) (max-brightness 1.0))"Make a function to make a random colour."(colour-generator…
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Aesthetics And Freedom An aesthetician considers the role of historical philosophical ideals of freedom in aesthetics.
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What Is The Schillinger System

What Is The Schillinger SystemThe idea behind the Schillinger System is simple and inevitable: it undertakes the application of mathematical logic to all the materials of music and to their functionsAnd to art as well (in "The Mathematical Basis Of The Arts"). A complete mathematical system for composition from the mid 20th Century.
Posted in Aesthetics, Generative Art, Uncategorized STYLE & CULTURE – Just whose idea is it anyway? STYLE & CULTURE - Just whose idea is it anyway?Not everyone seems to have noticed, but it's clear we recently zipped past the "information economy" and straight into the "copyright economy." It's no longer about access to information ” everyone has access. Now it's about ownership of the characters, stories, tunes, trademarks, software and…
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Yay Hooray | yh collab: redesign famous logos in web 2.0 format!

Yay Hooray | yh collab: redesign famous logos in web 2.0 format!Proof that aesthetics are objects. :-)
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Everybody loves Eric Raymond » Lug Radio Live 2006

Everybody loves Eric Raymond » Lug Radio Live 2006This is just a couple of slides from my rather confused and wandering talk about ELER at Lug Radio Live 2006. The full slides are available here in format and exported html.A very funny presentation on a very funny copyleft comic strip.
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Kathleen Kucka

Kathleen KuckaEngaging painted low-dimensional abstracts. Good stuff.
Posted in Aesthetics, Reviews | Talent & The Commons | Talent & The CommonsWe need to rethink DRM and its role in preserving artistic livelihoods.Yes. IF DRM works it will prevent artists becoming popular and destroy the lasting publicity value of their recordings. If it doesn't work it will simply annoy fans. So thinking about it, we need to make sure that DRM…
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