Month: August 2005


I'm hacking on Minara again. Undo, transformations, and the pan&zoom tools are taking shape.Undo is a double-linked list of undo/redo actions attached to each buffer. Hopefully it's efficient and robust. I need a way for functions to tell the method calling them to stop without returning a value and without being passed a function to…
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Federico Carraro blogged me:ammmoreGrazie!
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Agent Emotions

Modelling emotions is an important component of artificial intelligence art. Not because of any outmoded romantic ideas about tortured genius, but because curiosity, boredom, excitement and satisfaction direct art better than infinite recursion.Emotions For Believable Agents
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Howard R. Barnhart

Via the ever wonderful DataIsNature:Howard R. Barnhart
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Free Culture Roundup,,1559096,00.htmlPublishers and learned societies are fighting a last ditch action to stop the research findings of thousands of British academics being made freely available online.DRM != SSLwhy can't DRM be made open source?Microsoft abandons its customers AND copyright to kiss up to Hollywood DRM apologists claim that DRM can be used to model the preponderance…
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GPLed Bear

Via Make: you'll have to provide the source with the binaries. :-)
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OK, where can I get these in the UK?sav-a-point
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Berlin Virtual Library

Lots of interesting material on and by Isaiah Berlin, includes some downloadable PDFs of work:The Isaiah Berlin Virtual Library
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A software art project where drawings draw themselves: Quagmire
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Booorn Freeee

I switched my iBook to Debian GNU/Linux as its main OS on Sunday after finally getting the ASUS wireless dongle working (Airport doesn't work under GNU/Linux). I've kept MacOS X Tiger on another partition, but the only time I've booted it since Sunday was to quickly get my RSS subscriptions out of NetNewsWire.I'm using BloGTK…
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