Month: June 2005

Processing on PowerPC Linux Howto

Processing on PowerPC Linux: Tags: generative art, hacking
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Lemonodor notes the latest version of a Scheme-based livecoding environment:fluxusI've read Lemonodor for ages, and followed the development of fluxus for a while. Synergy. :-)Technorati Tags: free software, generative art, hacking
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PIC Tetris

A video game on a PIC, via make:PIC-TetrisTechnorati Tags: generative art, graphics, hacking
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Notes Towards Free Culture

Tattoo someone's body, get ownership of it via copyright. Well, the image of the tattoos anyway:David Beckham in tattoo fightTechnorati Tags: free culture
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Blog From The iCommons Conference

Via the cc-uk list. Some weird "Open" ideology followed by...Blog from the iCommons conferenceThey've been discussing moral rights, collecting societies, and other hot topics.Plus photos from the event: they really throw Lessig in a fountain??? :-)Technorati Tags: free culture
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Free Formats Are Not Enough

Free formats are not enough.Proprietary packages that export Free formats may do so poorly, leaving the output corrupt or incomplete. The code cannot be fixed except by the authors, who may be unable or unwilling to do so.Proprietary packages that export Free formats may displace Free packages, so that when the Proprietary package stops supporting…
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Creative Commons, Reform Organization

"Free legal tools to help you build your own copyright."Creative Commons are a reform organization. They are not the people's revolutionary intellectual property liberation front, nor are they the committee for unlimited commercial exploitation of the public domain. As a charity under US law they cannot even lobby the government for copyright reform, as that…
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Tom Moody On ‘San Jose’ (Shoutback Pong)

Tom had some kind words for my series 'San Jose':Shoutbacksand mentions Ryan McGinness and Anton Vidokle . Neither of whom I'd heard of, and both of whom are very good. Ryan in particular offers the challenge of more visually complex work, one that I feel I ought to rise to.Technorati Tags: art
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Yes and Yes

Jon Phillips on Delete! (is that really not a hoax?) and why open source is more art than art about open source is: Tags: aesthetics, art, free culture, free software, hacking, philosophy
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USB Adaptor For Atari Joysticks

Via make: you need more inputs, do what we used to do at the CEA and use a cheap keyboard...Technorati Tags: hacking, hardware
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