Month: July 2004

Back To iBlog

I've switched back to iBlog, so this blog has now returned to my site. Welcome back.
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Gatwick "Village" is an enclosed indoor complex of wide, irregularly-angled corridors opening onto generic shop franchises and large open areas filled with low rows of padded chairs. At 3am all the chairs are covered with people. They're asleep, still clutching mobile phones, books, bags and clocks. Dozens of them, all stretched out over chairs and…
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Back From Tunisia

I'm back from Tunisia. It's an excellent place. I filled a sketchbook whilst I was there.Got lots of rest, lazed around the beach and the hotel pool, went to Soose and Monastir, ate far too much. I didn't go to the Sahara with Evie and Tom, though. I've come back to find the MacOSX Tiger…
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Disney Fonts

Fonts used in various Disney graphics: see the list of fonts used at Walt Disney World.
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Cultural Studies Goes Blog

The usual Cultural Studies nonsense, this time regarding blogs:
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Masking Paint

One problem I've had with using masking tape or airbrush mask film to mask off areas of canvas when painting is that the paint bleeds under the mask. This leads to unsightly blobs and runs along the edge of the masked area, and just looks ugly.The solution is to paint the unmasked area in the…
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Kinkade on QVC

Thomas Kinkade was on QVC this evening in the UK. He cam across as insincere, or possibly jet-lagged, or possibly someone who has sold something they love too many times before. I believe he is sincere at some level below subject-matter and above technique. If Jeff Koons can sell ironically to collectors, Kinkade can sell…
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copy-art Open Content Art host. This is great. But it explicitly requires that all work be Noncommercial, rather than allowing a choice of license. Noncommercial is less Free than allowing commercial use, and grows less value (less art in this case). Hopefully they'll allow people to choose their own license soon. Ideally there'll be a…
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Open Source Material

The problem with Open Content is that it is concerned with end products, not source material, and is aimed at consumers, not producers. This reduces its value to both. Free Software (Open Source), the inspiration for Open Content, ensures the free availability and free circulation of source code and supporting files. These are the materials…
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The End Of Art Theory Is Not

This essay: The End of Art Theory, argues that Art Theory is finished.It does this by trying to show that The Institutional Theory of art is untenable. The Institutional Theory, it claims, contains so many free terms that it is all-inclusive and unable to separate art from any other objects. It is circular to boot.…
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