Month: June 2004


I've made very few paintings, but I need to make some now. I think that 1968 needs some painted images, and a project called "Indemnified Paintings" needs painting as well (obviously :-) ).I'm reminded of Art & Language talking about how paint and brushes were "kryptonite" to some conceptual artists. I came to computers at…
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Free Art Software

All the tools you need to make art digitally are available as Free Software projects. These aren't toys, they are serious tools used in production on real projects.Blender is an excellent 3D modelling, animation and game-making application: is the tool that's used for rendering movie effects and computer animation, free implementations are available:…
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Open Cola

There's an Open Source cola drink, it's been around for a while now: this is very funny, formalising the idea of competing on manufacture & distribution and collaborating on research & development is one of the aspects of Free Software that transfers very well to consumer goods.AdBusters would do much better to release Open Trainer…
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The Institutional Theory Of Art

I've started reading "Painting As An Art", so I've been thinking about the Institutional Theory of art (which Wollheim starts the book by discussing). This is the theory that art is irrelevant to art: the thing that makes art into art is its recognition by the "artworld". Quite how the artworld recognises art I don't…
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Doctorow On DRM

An excellent article on why DRM (Digital Rights Management) is bad for consumers, artists, and companies (via SlashDot): was delivered as a lecture to Microsoft! We're an Apple household (Macs and iPods), but if Steve Jobs can't apply himself to finding a way that both Apple and Pixar can make money from the network without…
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rob-art First Release

rob-art has been uploaded to SourceForge and a first release is available. Sources for Draw Something, ae and The Cybernetic Artwork Nobody Wrote are include, as is some documentation in PDF and HTML format.You'll need a Lisp interpreter/compiler to run the code and a PostScript viewer to view the output from Draw Something.Click here for…
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Collateral Damage

Ken Brown's efforts on behalf of Microsoft have shifted to creating new terminology for proprietary software vendors to use and trying to change the meanings of words. Ken wants to change "Open Source" to mean asset-stripping (BSD) licenses, which for him means that value-creation licenses (GPL) become -shudder- "Hybrid Source".It's Newspeak, and for a good…
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“What has your string quartet done, comrade, to further the cause of revolution?”

UK Arts Minister questions artistic instrumentalism:Story at Guardian Online.Instrumentalism has distorted perception and funding of art in the UK, giving rise to an aesthetic of access and trivialising art in the process.The essay's available here online. Click here for more information.
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Asperger’s Syndrome Syndrome

Michaelangelo is the latest victim of Asperger's Syndrome Syndrome. This is where a publicity hungry psychiatric hack assigns a pathology to someone famous using the famous bullet-point-comparison test.Hopefully some day a cure will be found for the poor individuals who suffer from this syndrome syndrome. Or perhaps we'll find that their inexplicable drive to pathologise…
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Open Clip Art

There is now an Open Clip Art project: only license they use is Public Domain, which I understand from a commercial point of view, but it would have been nicer to have a choice of the Creative Commons licenses. I'd add my work if I could CC it.There's nothing to stop you taking the work…
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